1- IOC President Congratulates new NOCC Executive Committee, OCA Awards 2016 OCA General Assembly to Cambodia. NOCC Organizes Friendly Match In counting down for 17th Asian Games In Incheon with Naga Cambodia taking on Kimpo City Of Korea








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The Press Conference for Angkor International Bike-Racing
By: Vravudh​ | 2 years ago
In the Morning of November 21 ,2012 at the the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) had the Press Conference to organize an event of Bike-Racing under cooperating with the Domestic Non-Organization named (Village Focus International) which will be held on 1st December 2012 that starting and finishing place is in front of Angkor-Wat. This Bike-Racing has been established since 2006 but just for pleasure. Until 2012, just Bike-Racing has had the high technique and as like as the Bike-Racing in other countries in the world. The commission would like to reinforce the technical skills to be developed and increased more and more by participating from the professional foreign players who come from Europe as like as French, American, English….., Other way , in order to looking for the fund to supporting the victims in Cambodia and to spread out the Bike-Racing in Cambodia to be popular up and also spreading out the Tourism in Cambodia, Excellency, Vath Chamroeun, Secretary General of NOCC said. Now, the foreign players are registered more than 400 persons and Cambodian players are registered more than 100 persons. This event is looking for funds for Humanity and Charity.