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The Important Suggestion of H.E SOK AN
By: Vravudh​ | 2 years ago
Last 27th October 2012, H.E SOK AN, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Ministers Council gave the good suggestion during in the Inauguration of Khmer-Booyoung Taekwondo Center which located in the National Olympic Stadium. He stated as following: 1- The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) has to cooperate closely with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to compromise all tasks and laws through to achievement in the sport systems. 2- All the national federations which are the members of NOCC must be re-framed administrating and reinforce the sport administration, sport techniques to be right to update to the recent sport sciences. 3- The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia must continue and implement the sport policy of the Royal Government to boost up our ports and athletes to be developing and increasing. 4- NOCC must cooperate with all national sport federations, Ministries, Institutions and Authorities to arrange the national and international sport events to be more and more to cause youths to join and play sport and also to attracting the foreign guests to Cambodia. 5- . 4- NOCC, National sport federations, Ministries, Linked Institutions, especially, the Cambodian Taekwondo Federation must control and use the Khmer-Booyoung Taekwondo Center to be right and look after well for sport systems for long time.